Hello miscellaneous hostees. Unfortunately, multiple subdomains of optimisticynic.net were hacked (looks to be from a bot attacking php pages, including Gallery and WordPress).

Consequently, I have had to make changes to everyone's accounts. All FTP accounts have been disabled, and converted to SFTP only. You will need to use a program that supports SFTP. All PHP installations have been upgraded to 5.3 series. This may break things for you.

For most accounts, this is just a precaution. A few accounts were definitely compromised. If you try and use SFTP and your old credentials don't work, it may be because I had to reset your password (and clean up lots of malicious php pages).

Please contact me for new logins, to report problems, and for as detailed an explanation as you want :) Most any name at the domain you're reading this on should work for email. Stephen is a good choice.